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Experience the Exotic Sounds of a Country so Alive You Can Actually Hear the Investment Possibilities

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

Apr 20, 2015 11:45:00 AM


Undiscovered Paradise on the Pacific Coast of Central America

When the Spanish explorers discovered the fertile valleys, virgin beaches, fresh water lakes, abundant rivers and expansive forest of pine, oak and mahogany, they decided to stay. Grupo Mariana would like to invite you to discover the beautiful country of Nicaragua for yourself and introduce you to an opportunity to own the private paradise of your dreams.

Nicaragua is a country of truly inspiring and astonishing beauty, an unspoiled natural paradise with miles of deserted coast on both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Nicaragua is located between Honduras and Costa Rica and is the largest but least populated of the Central American nations. It is lively and surprising country with a vivid history and a glowing national spirit, which seems warmer than the tropical sun.

Nicaragua is best known for its tremendous mountains surrounding by picturesque freshwater lakes, a contrast which creates on of the most stunning landscapes anywhere in the world and is echoed in the passionate yet poetic nature of the local people.  For years, Nicaragua’s rich music, indigenous culture, unspoiled wilderness and world-class surfing have enthralled travelers.

With an area just under 50,000 square miles, Nicaragua is comparable in size to New York state or Greece. However, its population is just over 5.4 million, one quarter of who live in the capital city if Managua. The climate is enviable! Just when winter is taking grip to the north, the dry season in Nicaragua is setting in, which typically lasts from November to May. There is an average daily high of 85 degrees; just the kind of climate to get away from those cold winters.

Many developers skipped over Nicaragua and began developing in Belize, Costa Rica and Panama many years ago. Land values remained low as these countries took off. The stage is now set for Nicaragua to be the new destination for vacationers who want to own a piece of a tropical paradise at a fraction of the price compared to many other similar destinations. Now is the time to own in Nicaragua.

The post cold war stigma caused many investors to overlook a country, which has recently emerged a land of amazing promise and opportunity. In the past decade Nicaragua’s political and economic stability has seen unprecedented growth and is now poised to become one of the most significant destinations for investment and adventure in Central America. The Nicaraguan government has embraced capitalism and continues to pass legislation which favors foreign investments.

Real estate in Nicaragua has been undervalued for many years and seemingly overnight it has entered the spotlight of international investors and is being compared to Costa Rica twenty years ago. Ocean side living is a growing trend worldwide and with the diminished availability of affordable beachfront property, Grupo Mariana offers a very unique and timely opportunity to secure a valuable investment while living the lifestyle of your dreams.

There is a special place where the land and sea merge gently beneath the tropical sun. 923 acres of lush green fields rise smoothly from over a mile of unspoiled beach to the Tecolapa River’s tree-lined banks, framed by distant rolling mountains. It is from this magnificent natural setting that a very special oceanfront community is rising. It is a place of heart and soul; a quiet refuge dedicated to relaxation and revitalization.

Most of us dream of playing golf in a tropical resort, sipping a Pina Colada on the veranda, and warming your toes in the beach sand, the kind of resort experience you regularly see featured in glossy travel magazines. Register here and receive further details about an early investment opportunity in Nicaragua.

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Nicaragua is the Heart of the World’s Biodiversity

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

Feb 23, 2015 3:00:00 AM


Here is a simple fact that many people don’t know: Nicaragua possesses more than 7% of the world’s biodiversity. The country is quite simply an oasis that is incredibly rich in natural life and beauty within its amazing coastal and marine habitats and its expanse of tropical rain forest, which is the largest remaining in Central America. As a result, Nicaragua is considered to possess outstanding potential for environmental preservation and sustainable development.

While unfortunately known more for its history of political conflict, Nicaragua is Central America’s melting pot for species due to its role as the land bridge between the Americas. The country’s land features are extremely diverse, including rain forests, rugged mountains, active volcanoes, lowland forests, coastal mangroves and coral reefs. Both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea brush Nicaragua’s lengthy coasts, while the interior features numerous bodies of water.

A lake the size of Puerto Rico?

Gigantic Lake Cocibolca (“sweet sea”), sometimes called Lake Nicaragua, is nearly 100 miles long and roughly the size of Puerto Rico. It is Central America’s largest freshwater lake, containing more than 300 islands, and the 20th largest in the world. The lake and its shoreline teem with native flora and fauna, including a unique freshwater shark.

One of the lake’s most dramatic features is Isla de Ometepe, an island comprised of two joined volcanoes—one active, one dormant. Inhabited since pre-Columbian times, the island has a rich and mythical history that still gives it a strong sense of mystery. For the adventurous, Isla de Ometepe offers an array of activities, including volcano hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and, interestingly, surfing. The lake’s huge, flat surface receives almost constant wind that produce waves that draw surfers from around the world.

More than 9,000 plant species are found here.

Within the forests and along its shores, Nicaragua is a natural paradise in which over 9,000 plant species have been identified, with perhaps another 4,000 yet to be discovered. Living within this incredible collection of flora are more than 750 species of birds and 200 mammal species. Not to mention more than 200 species of reptiles and amphibians. Nicaragua’s natural habitats provide critical protection for creatures that are endangered or have disappeared entirely from other areas.

Preservation of the country’s natural resources is becoming more and more important within Nicaragua, particularly as ecotourism becomes a more significant economic factor. At present, the country has 76 protected regions, as well as more than 20 privately owned reserves—many of which are open to visitors. The total protected area represents nearly 20% of the country's land, providing evidence of the desire to maintain and enhance Nicaragua’s natural assets, while still fostering much-needed economic growth.

Protecting the natural environment is a primary objective of Grupo Mariana.

At Grupo Mariana, protection and preservation of the natural environment are key aspects of our development activities. To harm these wonderful settings and the creatures that inhabit them would run counter to our stated mission to support the country of Nicaragua and its people. As you watch Seaside Mariana and Isla Mariana rise, you will plainly see our commitment to the land and its inhabitants.

How Green in Nicaragua Can Be Green in Your Pocket.

Green initiatives are the wave of the future. For investors that means one thing. Green philosophy coupled with  resort living means green in the pockets of those who act early and decisively.  Grupo Mariana plans to identify the geographic and topographic features that are unique to all our projects in order to preserve the ecological and biological resources found within.

As Green projects move rapidly to the forefront of the luxury development industry, investors are allocating their funds in increasingly large quantities to such developments. Those who have invested in Grupo Mariana will be the natural benefactors of this large-scale emerging trend.

Grupo Mariana is perfectly positioned to seize market share in the new economy with the influx of direct foreign investment flowing into Nicaragua. With its commitment to green initiatives and team memberts from respected companies around the world, Grupo Mariana is the obvious choice for investors, developer and builders.

For enterprising individuals there are additional opportunities at Grupo Mariana. These include sub-development possibilities for up to 260 acres of ocean view land, beach and retail condos, golf villas, builder home site packages, golf course , casino operations, and a myriad of commercial options in the lifestyle center. Learn more about joint venture opportunities by contacting us at


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