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Isla Mariana, The Salt of the Earth

The Word Is Getting Out About Nicaragua and Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

Aug 27, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The editors of International Living are constantly on the move in search of paradise, based on their belief and experience “that there are a host of places around the world that are cheaper, healthier, safer, freer than you ever thought possible.” And one of the places that’s high on International Living’s list is the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

It’s Just Like Southern California—But Much Less Expensive

In fact, numerous International Living reports have declared in no uncertain terms that Nicaragua's coastline is one of the most misunderstood, undervalued and bargain-ripe stretch of coastline in the entire world. Which sounds like a great deal of hype until you read further and consider the editor’s conclusion that Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast offers essentially the same coastal style of living found in Southern California—except much, much more affordable.

That’s right, travel a few hours south of some of the trendiest, priciest real estate in the United States to discover a place with virtually the same geography, climate, beaches, sunsets and the same Pacific Ocean. And it’s not just the cost of real estate that’s majestically cheaper, but the daily cost of living in Nicaragua is unbeatable—according to the magazine, you can live well here for less than $1,000 a month. Which means you can stretch your dollars without sacrificing amenities.

Great Values Await For Those Who Act Now

But International Living also warns that word’s getting out and prices may eventually skyrocket as they did previously in Costa Rica, Belize and Panama. In fact, the magazine states it clearly: “We believe this stretch of coastline is primed to explode onto the world stage, and that if history is any guide, real estate prices could skyrocket here as much as 500% in the next few years.”

Nicaragua also is proving to be a growing economic force, attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign investment and becoming a favored destination for tourists. Nicaragua’s economic performance has been steady in recent years, with the outlook extremely positive, according to recent data from Pro Nicaragua. The country’s foreign investment have doubled in recent years and are expected to achieve that same level of growth in the future. Visitors to Nicaragua continue to top one million ayear, and a 10% increase in tourist arrivals per year is expected to continue creating a deficit in hotels rooms to meet the growing demand of travellers.

Personal safety and security always is an area of concern for visitors and investors, Nicaragua has the lowest incidence of crime in Central America, which reinforces reports and studies that have ranked the country as one of the safest in the region.

Real Estate Prices Remain Amazingly Low

On top of all this positive data is the fact that real estate prices continue to be stable and comparatively low in terms to other Central American locations. Plus, the latest incentives for retirees make the New Nicaragua one of the most conducive places in the world to call home.

Live On The Beach Now, Profit Later

If that’s enough to get your attention, dig a little deeper on your own and you’ll uncover a wealth of information and data that underscore the opportunities that await in the New Nicaragua, whether you’re looking for a lucrative investment, a great place to stretch your retirement dollars or even start a new business. As the editors of International Living put it, “You'll discover how easy and affordable it is to live right on the beach and watch the sun set over the glorious Pacific--day after day after day.”

What Excellent Resort Communities Are Made Of

When you think about an excellent beachfront community, what comes to mind?

For most people it would be pristine beachfront land maintained in impeccable condition, a wide array of amenities to enjoy and a peaceful place to relax with family where security is never a concern.  Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat is in the process of delivering all this and more.

Isla Mariana already features the privacy and security of island living; 11 kilometers of unspoiled sandy beachfront; a very high percentage of true beachfront home sites with freehold title; planned installation of water and electrical to the edge of the lands; full development and environment permits in place and a unique riverfront setting perfect for a recreational marina  and all kinds of water sports including rowing, sailing, waterskiing, fishing and more.

On the island or within a couple hours drive from the island one will find adventure activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving; sport fishing, water skiing, kayaking, nature walks, canopying, air ballooning, trekking, volcano skiing and world class golf.  

Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat truly is a unique and special place. In fact, International Living, an organization familiar with property spanning the entire globe, had this to say about Isla Mariana:

"The wide, sandy beach at Isla Mariana is unique in Nicaragua.  We’ve spent a considerable amount of time traveling up and down this coast, and most oceanfront projects that we’ve seen have the majority of their home sites on a hillside or cliff, with an onsite swimming beach (or several). Not so at Isla Mariana, on Nicaragua’s north-central coast near the city of León.  This property is right on the sand of a wide, gently sloping beach that extends from one end of the project to the other.  Every one of their remaining beachfront lots is true ‘beachfront’.  In other words, you can walk out your front door right onto the sand and into the warm surf.”

Beachfront Property for Under USD $40,000

Have you ever wanted to own direct beachfront property? We’re not talking about ocean view property, or property 1 block from the beach. We’re talking about absolute beachfront property. This is stepping off your balcony into the soft sand with the beach stretched out before you, extending for miles in both directions. This is as good as it gets.  

And now you can own direct beachfront property for under USD $40,000. Yes, that’s right. You can actually own feet-in-the-sand absolute beachfront property for under USD $40,000. If you have ever thought that owning a piece of direct beachfront property was out of reach, not anymore.

These beautiful beachfront home sites are on a small island, with all the privacy and security of an island, yet they are accessible both by road and by boat. A beautiful river runs behind the property offering calm waters perfect for the marina that is in the planning stages. Those who know the Nicaraguan coastline know that marinas are rare, which makes the land that much more valuable.  The island location offers safety and exclusivity not found elsewhere. The biological diversity offers nature at its finest, which Isla Mariana is dedicated to preserving and protecting.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to own direct beachfront property, you do not have to wonder any longer. A high quality lifestyle at a fraction of the price is yours for the taking. The wide, soft sand beach and gentle waves will sooth even the most stressed. Replace work and cold winters with sunshine and relaxation. Explore miles of pristine beach or ride a horse to the quaint town of Salinas Grandes for a delicious meal. Spend the afternoon paddling down the peaceful river enjoying the natural wonders that are plentiful in this protected area.  Enjoy freshly caught fish and starry nights unclouded by city lights. This sumptuous lifestyle can be yours.    

We have additional news coming in the next few months – Isla Mariana is attracting a new Partner to the beachfront retreat, so the potential return on an investment at Isla Mariana will skyrocketed! Don’t delay… these beachfront home sites will go fast!

Always remember, every purchase through goes back to the greater good. Your purchase will send 5% of the total sales price toward achieving our fundraising goal at Fundacion Grupo Mariana.

To learn more about Beachfront Home Sites at Isla Mariana, register here to download our E-Brochure and join our mailing list. We’ll share new releases, investment opportunities, and most importantly, how you can enjoy a beachfront lifestyle that features the best of Nicaragua!

Isla Mariana is a hidden gem. We feel extremely fortunate to have found this secluded island paradise that we fell in love with at first sight, as have our owners and investors. This hidden gem will emerge as one of the jewels of Nicaragua. 

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Grupo Mariana Announces Phase Two Release of Beachfront Home Sites at Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat in Nicaragua

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

Jul 7, 2014 2:54:00 AM


A Rare Opportunity to Own Beachfront Real Estate

In the continued tradition of delivering Nicaraguan real estate to the world, Grupo Mariana has developed Isla Mariana, our exclusive beachfront retreat designed to meet the needs of individuals looking to invest, retire or live in Nicaragua.

Investors and adventurers seeking an international opportunity and lifestyle now have inviting new options as Isla Mariana releases its remaining beachfront home sites in its 17-acre Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat situated along 1.5 kilometers of pristine beach on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast. Isla Mariana is being developed by Grupo Mariana, led by Mr. Kevin Fleming, with ten years of business experience in Nicaragua.

Canadian Kevin Fleming was introduced to the country of Nicaragua by his wife, a native Nicaraguan, and immediately was amazed by the beauty, culture, people and opportunity he found there. After moving there in 2004, he and Maria, his wife, have dedicated their efforts to entrepreneurial projects, with an emphasis on beachfront real estate development to bring visitors and investors to Nicaragua.

“These beachfront home sites offer an extremely affordable option for individuals and investors who would like to be in an exclusive area close to amenities,” says Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana. “The properties are freehold title and ideally sized to meet a range of needs and price points.”

Grupo Mariana has assembled a team of architects, engineers, designers, and builders; whose blend of experience and talent will raise the bar for tropical living and investment to rival some of the best resorts in the Nicaragua.

When finished, the Isla Mariana will be one of the most unique resorts in Nicaragua, with a boutique hotel, a 25-slip recreational marina, and a cluster of vacation homes and bungalows. In addition, the river, which runs in the back of the Isla Mariana property, will be the showpiece of a protected nature preserve.

Truly Affordable Real Estate Opportunities

At Isla Mariana will be a Laya Boutique Hotel and Bungalows, an eco-conscious offering with 16 beachfront bungalows, with construction slated to begin in 2015. Final completion, including food service is slated for the fall of 2016.

Pricing is another area that Isla Mariana has seriously examined in order to reflect the current market. As a result, prices for the bungalows in the first phase are set between USD $79,000 and $89,000.  

Along with excellent pricing for the beachfront bungalows, there will be exclusive early bird specials for the prime beachfront home sites along the Pacific Coast starting at USD $39,000 with 30 feet of beach frontage and a total of 5,100 square feet.

With the crucial infrastructure plans and permits at Isla Mariana in place, construction of infrastructure can begin immediately with completion expected in 2016. These beachfront home sites are available only for a lucky few, so time is of the essence.

Changing Market Conditions and Consumer Demand

Pre-sales and marketing of the real estate at Isla Mariana is being handled by Grupo Mariana, Chairman Kevin Fleming is delighted that business confidence is returning to Nicaragua, he states "Nicaragua has overcome a stigma of political instability and is now poised for strong foreign investment, especially in the real estate sector. The current government is very favorable to foreign investment at many different levels, not just tourism, but in oil and gas exploration plus the transportation sector. The country is starting to boom as a result of government support and improvements to the country's infrastructure. Nicaragua has one of the most generous incentive laws in the region (Law 306) which adds value for foreign investors."

According to Fleming, Nicaragua continues to gain recognition for its emerging economy, political stability and attractiveness to visitors, with tourism increasing over 300 percent over the last decade. International investment also continues to rise. These factors have enhanced the country’s status among investors and travelers.

Isla Mariana will release its second phase properties for sale in late September. Known as the “Investors Program”, these prime beachfront home sites are located on a gentle slope above the beach and will have commanding stunning ocean views.

Mr. Fleming says, "Interest in the Investors Program has already been substantial, and we're anticipating a quick sell-out of the remaining prime home sites. To handle the demand, we've implemented a priority registration process and our plan is to then execute a sales selection event later in the fall, where a number of fortunate individuals will become our “investors” in what is destined to be a unique beachfront retreat."

A private launch Webinar hosted by Grupo Mariana is scheduled for September 25, 2014. There are less than 100 units in total available in this private, low-key retreat, and interest is high. Additional information is available here.

“Another aspect we are very proud of is our commitment to reinvest five percent of each closed real estate transaction at Isla Mariana back into the economic development of the surrounding area,” Fleming says of Grupo Mariana’s 5% for Futures Program. “It’s a win-win to help drive economic growth and sustainability, which enhances the lives of local citizens and makes the entire area more attractive to investors and visitors.”

Upcoming Tour Will Introduce Visitors and Investors To Nicaragua’s Natural Beauty and Abundant Opportunities

Intrepid investors and adventurers seeking a tropical lifestyle will have a chance to explore Nicaragua and all it has to offer when Grupo Mariana offers an extensive fact-finding tour.

Grupo Mariana will hold a Discovery Tour December 2-7 that allows visitors to take a guided tour that acquaints them with Nicaragua, its history, culture and natural resources.

The tour includes visits to Nicaragua’s colonial towns, as well as guided exploration of some of the country’s renowned natural features; including its beaches, rain forests, lakes and volcanoes. Participants will interact with specialists and experts who will provide information on the positive economic and tourism trends in Nicaragua, real estate investment in the country, and numerous other topics designed to provide a broad-based understanding of Nicaragua and its future. Additional information on these upcoming events is available here.

“We’re confident this event is an outstanding opportunity to gain a complete understanding of the beauty and opportunity found in Nicaragua, and ways to benefit from a very promising future,” says Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana. “For North Americans tired of the cold weather, it’s also a wonderful chance to bask in warm sun and enjoy a beautiful tropical setting.”

If you wish to join the forward-thinking lifestyle investors who seek both high returns and high quality of life, look no further than Grupo Mariana. Grupo Mariana is building on Nicaragua’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, and as a choice for a vacation and retirement lifestyle.

Grupo Mariana is committed to offering a range of residential products on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast and realistic pricing that reflects current market conditions.

Experience the pride of an investment that can be handed down from one generation to the next.

Experience the pure and simple pleasures of life—spending time in places we love with the people we love.

Experience the New Nicaragua.

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Face-to-Face Conversations Provide Insights and Learning Opportunities for All

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

Jun 23, 2014 12:49:00 PM


Here’s an on-the-road report from Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana:

As I wind up my tour of North America, I am amazed at the many insights I’ve gained from my one-on-one conversations with interested individuals, including many who already have purchased property in Nicaragua or plan to soon. From that group, I continue to learn they are extremely positive about the future returns they anticipate, based on the real estate trends experienced in Costa Rica, Panama and other nearby countries over the last two decades.

Current owners are enthusiastic.

Many have visited Nicaragua, as well as other Central American locations, and they are very enthusiastic about the beauty, culture, warm people and economic advancement they have seen with their own eyes. We all also are buoyed by the rise in foreign investment in the New Nicaragua, as well as the steady increases in tourism. Of course, we also keep a close eye on the nation’s political system, but all signs point to continued stability that will have a positive impact on the future. They also understand that things in Nicaragua are not the same as at home in North America. Yet they also are embracing the adventure and challenge, and finding their investments reassuring in light of what’s happening elsewhere.

Others cope with uncertainty.

Naturally, there are others with whom I’ve talked who are uncertain on many fronts. At home, they are watching the political and economic turmoil in the United States, and wondering what the future holds in terms of jobs, low investment returns, even just how to pay their bills, or how the U.S. government will handle its own outstanding debts. I can only listen and sympathize, but also suggest that looking outside their own country may be a reasonable and profitable long-term strategy.

It’s understandable that for many people, especially those who have not traveled extensively outside their home country, the concept of investing in a foreign country is just that—foreign in terms of understanding the process and assessing the benefits. At the same time, many believe they need to take steps to leverage the funds they have, and also to look for new ways to make money. I think we all agree on that concept.

Our Grupo Mariana team is always ready to help.

I’ve been very direct and honest in telling people that we can help them, that we have the products and team in place that can take much of the uncertainty and risk out of the investment process. Not that it’s a sure thing—nothing is—but that we’ve spent the last eight years undertaking and completing the planning, design and preparation that are necessary. It’s been a slow and sometimes tedious process, and often frustrating. But I’m now very confident that we have the right things in place. We also have the items in place that provide security for an offshore investment, such as title insurance and proper development permits.

A valuable learning experience for all.

It’s been a learning experience for me, and I hope I’ve been able to help others with the information I’ve been able to offer. Of course, I’m always happy to answer someone’s questions or provide information, along with the other members of the Grupo Mariana team. I just want to encourage people seeking options to check out Seaside Mariana and Isla Mariana, see what we’re doing and what we can offer them. Our website is a good start, but we also really want to invite people down to experience the country for themselves. Quite frankly, there’s no better way, and we’ve found those who come quite often come back.

Best value proposition on the Pacific Coast of the America's.

The people of Nicaragua are renowned for their hospitality and receptiveness to visitors, based in a strong family oriented society. For the adventurous, the country is a realm of endless possibilities, including canopy tours through the forests, diving and snorkeling along living reefs, surfing and kayaking, exploring volcanoes and crater lakes, hiking mountain trails, or just relaxing on an expanse of beach. The capital city of Managua possesses a strong urban energy with many of the features expected from a metropolitan area, including expansive shopping and entertainment, a state-of-the-art medical center and international airport.

Most major airlines such as American Airlines and United Airlines s offers daily service to Nicaragua, including non-stop flights from major U.S. cities. Easily accessible are the cities of Granada and Leon, which offer a more languid and historic experience. Granada is the country’s oldest European-settled city where the architecture reflects the strong Spanish influence. Leon is the Nicaragua’s intellectual center featuring a collection of cultural influences and unmatched in Central America. Smaller towns and villages offer visitors a colorful introduction to a simpler way of life virtually unchanged over the decades.

It’s this simplicity that flavors the New Nicaragua even as it begins to flex its renewed strength of purpose. These things converge in Grupo Mariana, which is inextricably linked to the future of the country. Together, the country and resort have built a platform from which a compelling story can be told. In Nicaragua, the saying goes that every citizen is a poet, and this passion for all things is aptly and fully demonstrated in the country’s raw energy and zest for life.

A safe, friendly country attracting over 1 million visitors a year.

Often misunderstood because of its turbulent past 3 decades ago, the New Nicaragua is a safe, friendly country with warm people that is rapidly attracting international vacationers, eco-tourists, retirees and investors from all over the world.  According to the Inter-American Human Rights Institute and Interpol, Nicaragua has been one of the safest countries in all of the Americas for years.

International travelers are drawn to its pristine beaches, inland lakes, volcanoes, and the largest tract of primary growth rain forest north of the Amazon.  If you are looking for adventure, you can enjoy some of the best surfing in the world, hike up a volcano and snowboard down the other side!

Beachfront real estate for sale in Nicaragua.

The current advice for potential investors and visitors alike is to forget what you think you know about the country and explore the New Nicaragua. Underlying the opportunities are the elements that have always attracted the curious and daring: pristine natural settings, temperate weather, a strong history and culture, scores of recreational and tourism opportunities, picturesque cities and towns, and, perhaps most important, a warm and welcoming population.

The real estate market boom is being driven by both residential and commercial property. On the residential side many baby boomers from the US are discovering Nicaragua as a less expensive alternative to Panama, Mexico or Costa Rica where prices are typically 30-50% higher and the potential for capital appreciation is slowing down.

Commercially, Nicaragua’s growing economy has recently attracted many international banks, insurance companies and manufacturers who have now established operations in the country. Overall there has been double-digit increases in direct foreign investment annually over the last five years. 

Nicaragua displays the same opportunities and possibilities that marked the beginnings of economic upswings in Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Declare your independence! The time is now in Nicaragua.

You told us there was a change in the world and a change in your needs. We have listened, and have altered our direction to satisfy your desires.

There is change in the air at Grupo Mariana… there is BIG summer news to be shared in the coming months. We are preparing for the launch of Isla Mariana Beachfront Retreat, when we will share exciting new residential and investment opportunities, and a new way to live the life you've always wanted!

It's time to declare your independence. 

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The Genuine Value of Real Estate in Central America

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

Jun 12, 2014 9:33:00 PM


These days looking after one’s hard earned money is at the top of the list for most people. So what is one of the best ways to look after one’s hard earned money?

A great way is to take care not to pay more unnecessarily for the things that you purchase. This is especially pertinent if you purchase items that are similar in nature or items that qualify as big ticket items.

One of the biggest and most important things we purchase in our lifetimes is real estate. Central America has drawn increasingly large numbers of purchasers from North America due to Central America’s proximity, weather, prices and favorable living conditions.

So when we look at Central America, the question becomes, what do the countries of Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and Nicaragua have in common?

The answer is that they have a lot in common.

Besides being located in the geographic area that is Central America, all have tropical climates and diverse terrain. All have beautiful and expansive beaches. All have rainforests and a great variety of flora and fauna. And all have developments that offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a piece of paradise and enjoy it up close.

So how do these four Central American countries differ?

One of biggest differences you will find will be direct and personal; it will be in your pocketbook. It comes down to just how much paradise you can get for your money. The question then becomes: Why accept less when you can have more?

Where is the real value in Central America today? In a word: Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is the country where you will undoubtedly get the most for your money. So what exactly will you get?

How about expansive stretches of some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the world; charming colonial towns dating back to the 1500’s that offer a glimpse into the past; large fresh water lakes with the only freshwater shark species in the world; towering volcanoes, some of which are located within the freshwater lakes; a multitude of freshwater islands to explore and a rich and vibrant history and culture. Nicaragua has it all.

One finds that the Central American countries of Costa Rica, Panama and Belize come with a high price attached. The one notable exception is the Central American country of Nicaragua. We’re talking about countries that are in close proximity to one another and often share a border. We’re talking about beaches and tropical rainforests that are on the same geographic land mass. And we’re talking about price tags that vary greatly from one country to another.

For the savvy investor, the implications are clear.

Again, the question arises: Why pay more for beaches, colonial cities and tropical landscapes in one country when you can get beaches that are as beautiful if not more so, colonial cities that are as well-persevered if not more so and lush tropical forests that are as pristine if not more so, in the country of Nicaragua?

As looking after one’s hard earned money becomes increasingly important, buyers are becoming ever more aware of what their money can buy. Buyers want to get more for their money rather than less; it’s just common sense. And common sense tells us that the genuine value in Central America is clearly found in the country of Nicaragua.

Many astute investors realize that a great deal of the success a would-be investor encounters boils down to timing. And the timing for Nicaragua could not be better.

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and do things over, knowing what you know today?

If you could go back in time ten or fifteen years—with the knowledge you have today—what sort of decisions would you make?

Would you buy tech in 1992 and sell in early 2000? Would you buy gold at under $250 per ounce?

Would you load up on coastal real estate in Mexico and Costa Rica decades ago?

We can’t send you back in time, but we can do the next best thing. We can send you to a land that time has forgotten. And we can give you a glimpse into the future. That glimpse into the future includes a look at one of the most dramatic demographic trends in recent history.

The real estate market boom in Nicaragua is being driven by both residential and commercial property. On the residential side many baby boomers from the US are discovering Nicaragua as a less expensive alternative to Panama, Mexico or Costa Rica where prices are typically 30-70% higher and the potential for capital appreciation is slowing down and cash flow on investment properties is not what is used to be.

This is an ideal time to consider a real estate investment where rapid appreciation, low taxes and special opportunities offer a safe harbor and ideal time to invest in affordable international real estate where offer promising returns and cash flow.

Nicaragua is the ideal spot that maximizes the value of the dollar and investment potential. For investors, an emerging market offers a brief window of opportunity to realize exceptionally high returns. Many investors took advantage of the opportunity in Costa Rica 20 years ago but that opportune time has passed.

Nicaragua is a classic emerging market; it offers forward thinking investors exciting opportunities that have long ago faded away in neighboring countries. Tourism is up dramatically and real estate prices are rising in tandem. Multinational corporations are investing large sums in Nicaragua and the media is beginning to take notice.

And Nicaragua is a special place where an investment is likely to enjoy the remarkable returns witnessed in neighboring countries over the last decade. This is the New Nicaragua, an unspoiled paradise that is being discovered by thousands of visitors each year and embraced by adventurous investors who recognize the opportunities that abound. Nicaragua is recognized as having the lowest crime rate in Latin America, according to Interpol and the Inter-American Institute on Human Rights.

Nicaragua has enjoyed peace for over 25 years and continues to respect private property rights, the free trade agreement with the US (CAFTA), the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, and continue the macro economic policies of his predecessor government administrations.

Nicaragua is a country that has begun to gain economic momentum that is fueling a real estate boom that appears capable of rivaling the meteoric rises in value seen in Costa Rica a decade ago. Nicaragua is a stunning tropical land filled with fresh water lakes and towering volcanoes. Nicaragua has been a stable democracy for almost two decades and has the lowest crime rate in all of Latin America, according to Interpol. Best of all, Nicaragua is relatively undiscovered, and as such, offers an excellent Investment opportunity for forward thinking individuals. Many consider Nicaragua to be the next Costa Rica.

Nicaragua is safer than Costa Rica and offers more environmental biodiversity than Costa Rica, yet Nicaraguan real estate sells for a fraction of the price. Nicaragua offers some of the best value property on the Pacific Coast of Central America and the potential for capital growth currently rivals any other destination in the world.

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in Nicaragua, rising 300% in the last 10 years. With the country receiving over 1,000,000 visitors annually, there is a growing demand for holiday property especially at the luxury end of the market. The highest percentages of visitors are from the United States, which is growing annually by 25% as an increasing number of flight connections become available. Hotels in the country have high levels of occupancy (typically over 65% per annum) and it is predicted that with the growing number of tourists there will be a room deficit by 2015.

This bodes well for property owners looking to earn rental income from their second home. In addition an increasing number of Americans and Canadians are retiring to Nicaragua as they discover the tax benefits, lower cost of living and investment opportunities.

In Nicaragua, foreigners can own fee simple and the ownership laws are more favorable than in neighboring countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico. And Nicaragua is has proven to be safer than its neighbors. Nicaragua is the safest country in Latin America according to Interpol and other reputable sources.

In the New Nicaragua, non-residents can own real estate on a fee-simple basis with very favorable ownership laws. There also are special benefits for retirees (over 45 years of age) and those who start businesses.

With tourism up over 300% in the last decade, increased flight connections with the US and a growing reputation as a safe and beautiful country, it’s no wonder people everywhere are dubbing Nicaragua “The Next Great Place to Visit.”

We can help you understand all that we’ve learned living, investing, working here, and outline for you what is coming. There is promise of outstanding returns based on what has happened in neighboring countries, and the greatest rewards will come to those who have the vision to understand what is ahead and act.

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Close out specials in Phase 1 at Seaside Mariana Oceanfront Community in Nicaragua

Posted by Kevin Fleming, Chairman of Grupo Mariana

May 4, 2014 5:01:00 AM

Seaside_Mariana_Oceanfront_Community_in_Nicaragua-_Home_SitesMost of us dream of playing golf in a tropical resort, sipping a Piña Colada on the veranda, and warming your toes in the beach sand — the kind of resort experience you regularly see featured in glossy travel magazines.

Seaside Mariana Oceanfront Community will offer all of that and more, in a land with breathtaking natural beauty, a rich & colorful culture and a wide variety of experiences for any outdoor enthusiast to enjoy.

The climate in Nicaragua is enviable! Just when winter is takes grip to the north, the dry season in Nicaragua is setting in, which typically lasts from November to May. There is an average daily high of 85 degrees; just the kind of climate to get away from the cold winters.

Majestic volcanoes, lush jungles, huge fresh water lakes, hundreds of miles of pristine Pacific and Atlantic coastline — Nicaragua offers up an incredible diversity of natural landscapes and opportunities for discovery and exploration. For years, travelers have been enthralled by Nicaragua’s rich music, indigenous culture, unspoiled wilderness, and world-class surfing waves.

Why Nicaragua? Many developers skipped over Nicaragua and began developing in Costa Rica and Panama many years ago. Land values remained low as Costa Rica and Panama prices took off.  The stage is now set for Nicaragua to be the new destination for vacationers who want to own a piece of a tropical paradise at a fraction of price compared to many other similar destinations. Now is the time to own in Nicaragua!

Have you been to Nicaragua?

If so, you will know this is a country with breathtaking natural beauty, warm people, vibrant culture and an exciting variety of outdoor experiences. These are all reasons to fall in love with this country.  

When you also include a resort-living destination like Seaside Mariana Oceanfront Community that caters to the part of you that says, "I DESERVE TO LIVE IN PARADISE".

There is a new and special place where the land and sea merge gently beneath the tropical sun. 923 acres of lush green fields rise smoothly from over a mile of unspoiled beach to the Tecolapa River’s tree-lined banks, framed by distant rolling mountains. It is from this magnificent natural setting that a very special Oceanfront Community is rising. It is a place of heart and soul; a quiet refuge dedicated to relaxation and revitalization.

You need to know that construction has begun at Seaside Mariana and we have an incredibly high level of interest, which is increasing by the day for this the most desirable destination in Nicaragua! This is your opportunity to get in on the last 4 home sites available in Phase 1.

Now, the exciting news is that the starting prices are $45,000 U.S. The golf course home sites will be sold on a priority basis of first come, first served. In order to secure a priority position, register right away by clicking here.

Investors already have purchased 249 home sites. For these individuals, they can be happy that their property already has increased in value, and they will continue to reap the rewards of their investment in the future. The future now is awaiting others ready to join this group who understand that Seaside Mariana and Nicaragua are progressing toward exciting times.

We’ll continue to update you regularly as activities progress at Seaside Mariana. But please contact us at any time with questions or for more information. We’re always ready to talk about the excitement building around one of Central America’s most exciting new opportunities.

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