“Nobody Can Do Everything, But Everyone Can Do Something.”

Experience the exotic sounds of a country so alive you can actually hear the investment possibilities.

Nicaragua…she shines as brightly as the stars.

Grupo Mariana decided long ago that if we are going to be in business in Nicaragua, the end result needs to not only have a positive effect on the people and places around us, but be a true catalyst for positive growth, change and sustainability.

We have decided to dedicate 5% from every single sale we make from every Grupo Mariana business toward reinvestment in the strength and economic development of Nicaraguan communities. Managed by Fundación Grupo Mariana, our program is called “5% For Futures,” and it is our way of connecting the focus of our business to a larger, more important purpose. While 5% from the sale of a pound of Grupo Mariana coffee might sound like a small hill of beans to some, 5% of every real estate sale within a community - well that just might add up to an amount that can move mountains.

Fundación Grupo Mariana is dedicated to creating strength in the country of Nicaragua by creating a sustainable model of economic and social development through reinvestment. Created by Grupo Mariana and led by spokesperson Barbara Carrera, Nicaraguan-born actress and advocate for economic and social strength in the country, the Fundación is working toward building the financial strength and human resources needed to organize and accomplish their newly established goals. We welcome project volunteers and individuals interested in helping Nicaragua grow.

To learn more about Grupo Mariana’s 5% For Futures program or how you can become involved with the reinvestment activities of Fundación Grupo Mariana, register with us below to receive our quarterly newsletter. We’ll share the progress of the 5% For Futures Program, as well as updates and news about Fundación Grupo Mariana’s efforts to help our strengthen the ties of community within Nicaragua.