The Time is Right in Nicaragua

Where did you come from Mariana.

Mariana is the soul of Nicaragua.

Thank you for your interest in Grupo Mariana. We’re glad you’ve chosen to learn more about the foundation of our business — the beautiful country of Nicaragua.

“The foundation of Grupo Mariana’s businesses is to promote Nicaragua’s many   natural assets to the rest of the world. Our mission is to consistently reinvest   profits directly into the growth and sustainability of the country’s future.    Person by person… community by community.” 

~ Kevin Fleming    Chairman, Grupo Mariana S.A.

Rich with abundant natural resources and spectacular beauty, Nicaragua is blooming with unlimited opportunities for the success of investment and business ventures in virtually any industry. At Grupo Mariana, our various business segments have been carefully selected to bring visibility to this spectacular country — and her promise of a strong and vibrant future. We will continue to grow, to plan and to partner with those who are of the same mind and spirit to create great places, share quality products and reinvest in the empowerment of our country’s communities.

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